Testimonial - B3 Dynamics Package - E92 335d - Mr Parry

Hi Kevin and James,
Well, Rally Prep have installed the full B3 dynamics package. I can see why BMW do not release their normal cars like this as they would have a real problem selling their M series. The difference is night and day. It's turning in, the ability to put the power down, no more crashing and banging and the dreaded 'clench before impact' feeling that occurs daily on our poor quality British roads. The car is phenomenal. Our project of having the power and handling of an M3 without the running cost has been achieved and more. (https://en-gb.facebook.com/rallyprepuk/)
Now, during set up a bit more camber was dialled into the front for a better feel. With all the E92 335D cars you have installed this set up on would you recommend any other tweaks? The car is running 19"230-star alloys with non-runflat tyres on. I have always run them at full load before the B3 set up and Rally Prep were advising to run the rear tyres at a lower pressure than the manufacturers recommended. I am running the normal load pressure at present (Front 235/35/19 (2.6Bar) and Rear 265/30/19 (2.8Bar)). With the amount of data you have gathered on this platform can you shed some light on this please.
Many thanks once again for A) Managing to get a kit together for me, B) Professional, efficient correspondence throughout and C) An amazing developed, tried and tested suspension package. You are to be applauded.
A safe, happy and prosperous new year to everyone at Birds,
Kindest regards,
Mr Parry