What about warranty?

What is the Quaife warranty?

The Quaife ATB Limited-Slip Differential comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

If damage is caused to the Quaife due to faulty installation or overheating, the warranty may be voided and repair costs charged.

Our Exchange Final Drives include an additional 24 months warranty on all other final drive components, such as bearings and seals, or if the car is new we will match your manufacturer's warranty.

Will it affect my manufacturer's warranty?

The Quaife ATB will not invalidate your manufacturer's warranty.

We have been directly responsible for the sale of over 5,000 Quaife ATB differentials for BMWs and Mercedes worldwide, and not one of these has resulted in BMW or Mercedes claiming a fault or defect with the car was as a result of the Quaife ATB.

BMW would not cover any defect with the differential itself of course, given it has been modified, but this is now covered by our own warranty and Quaife's lifetime guarantee.