Testimonial - Quaife LSD - Mercedes 215 CL65 AMG - Mr Frydenbo-Bruvoll

Date: 26/02/2018


So, it's been a couple of weeks with the new LSD installed.
 - Through curves, the way the outer wheel digs in and catapults the car forward is just stunning. I'm still trying to adjust my driving style to this - where I previously had to wuss off the throttle lest the "Nein!" department in the dashboard would cancel proceedings, I now need to explore how to drive the car like a bike, adding throttle as the curve tightens.
 - given the combined strong rubber band effect of a dimwitted gearbox and large, slow turbos, the LSD makes it far easier to get off the line when driving "sensibly", since both wheels are now helping
 - it's now possible to use the immense power properly during overtaking, since there's far less tram-lining from the back and the car's just far more laterally stable. Just jam the throttle down and close your eyes.
All in all, the upgrade was an undisputed success - I frankly cannot understand why these cars don't come fitted from factory with something like this. The electronics aren't anywhere close to giving this kind of driving experience.
Best regards