Testimonial - F32 435dx - B4 Sport Suspension - Mr H

Date: 21/05/22


Suspension received and installed followed by full 4 wheel alignment.

After 1 month and 1100 miles on the original suspension the car drove exactly as described on you web site. Smooth roads the car was fine. B roads,  suspension was brittle, bumpy, nervous in corners and managed to float a bit at high speed.

Before I purchased the 435d I know I was going to fit the Birds suspension.

I was generally very pleased with the car as standard and it drove well, just had a few suspension irritations. Your suspension kit maintained everything I liked about the car and addressed everything I didn’t. The way it rides now reminds me of the quality of suspension I had on previous Porsches. Praise indeed. No hanging on to the steering wheel when pressing on. The car flows and deals with manholes and crap roads with thuds not crashes.

You can possibly tell from the above, I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Thanks for your help and advice. Keep doing what your doing, making good cars better.