Testimonial - F31 Alpina D3 - B-Series Sport Suspension - Mr Wooster

Date: 01/08/2020

Hi Kevin,

Forgot you were on hols this week and called in to give some feedback and spoke to Matt. I'll maybe catch up when you get back but key points from the B3 suspension set up on the D3.

Handling - having had it on 2 cars already I knew what to expect and its as good as always.

Steering - now has much more feel - geometry changed or just a slightly lower ride height? Anyway it works

Bump absorption - better than expected. The Alpina set up crashed over transverse ridges and holes. This just gives a slight bump but absorbs much better - you can feel the dampers damping.

Considering Sytners quoted £1506 for just 2 standard EDC items - which were on back order - value for money wasn't bad either!

Regards, Mr Wooster