Testimonial - F20 M140i - B1 Sport Suspension - Mr Matthews

Date: 14/06/23

Hi James,
I’ve had a chance to do some miles since you fitted the B1 kit on Monday 12th June.
I bought the car in March.  B58 is epic, ZF8 is amazing, it’s practical being a hatch, but by April I was sick of it.  The passive suspension is literal garbage and actually ruins the car. 
It was hurting my back, my wife couldn’t sleep in it, it was dangerous and I was considering getting rid.  In the interim, I was looking at aftermarket options to see if anything could be done, which is annoying given I’d only recently bought it.  The general consensus was “they’re all like that sir”, and the Birds B1 kit was the best, but it was expensive.   I spoke to Kevin in April, did more research in May, and booked a demonstration with you in June.   You can only do so much reading !  Pulling out of your road I could tell it was already way better.  It was either get the work done, or sell the car.  I must confess to being slightly nervous on the drive home, had I made the right decision ?
After driving on a number of different roads, at different rates the same car with the old passive suspension will simply not see where this B1 car went.  The word I’d use is “Composed”.
No more wincing as it irons out the worst of the words, no more crazy porpoising  or excessive rolling.  Motorways are now just flat roads, and not 100 miles of discomfort.  It’s a joy to drive. 
In terms of pace, it’s added about 150 bhp because you simply couldn’t make the most of what it had before.  I catch myself comically open mouthed in marvel, as things that would’ve been making me cry before are just dismissed. 
Yes, the kit is expensive, yes it shouldn’t be needed because BMW should be doing things properly, but I’d go as far as to say if you have an M-Lite (or anything with the old passive setup) and you don’t have this kit, you literally own a 3 legged race horse.  The suspension setup is now a match for the drivetrain, it feels how it should always have been.  The final accolade was from my wife.  She isn’t a car person, but even she was amazed.  Money well spent I’d say.
Great service from Birds, thank the team for me, and thanks for fitting me in so quickly.
Kind Regards,