Testimonial - E92 335i - Quaife LSD - Dr Uwe Meyer-Gruhl

Date: 20/07/2009 09:44

Hi James,
I have the LSD fitted now and was able to test it for a few hundred kilometers. Installation had to be split between BMW for removal and re-installation and a specialized gear shop in order to exchange the
original differential for the LSD. I no longer wonder why you can literally eat from the floor of a modern BMW shop - they do nothing that could cause grimes. After all, I had a better feeling with the specialty
shop anyway.
I must say the diff is even better than I had expected. With my untuned car, I have yet to see any DSC light - at least on dry roads. If you push hard and one wheel wants to break free, all you hear is "Krrscht" and then the power is transferred without power loss. BMW should fit LSDs from the
start with the stronger engines.
Kind regards,