Testimonial - B-Series Sport Suspension - F22 230i - Mr Coghlan


Hi Kevin

We just wanted to say a big thank you for sorting out the suspension on our BMW last week.

We’ve put quite a few miles on the car over the weekend.  The way it drives has been transformed with the car now inspiring real confidence in the bends.

Kind Regards, C


Glad to hear that C.

In your estimation, given that you ran the car on new tyres before you got here, what was the percentage of the whole generated by the suspension? 60% suspension, 40% tyres?

Regards, Kevin Bird.



That question really made me think over lunch.

Whilst changing the tyres helped keep them in contact with the road it still felt nervous when entering a bend and I was never confident it wouldn’t be thrown off course by bumps and dips.

On the way the car handles now, I would say more like 80% suspension.  The steering feels much more positive and the car just seems to ignore bumps and dips mid bend.  I could argue it’s an environmentally friendly solution as I no longer need to use the brakes for corners!